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SUNY Sustainability Coalition


The SUNY Sustainability Coalition mobilizes change through collective action and collaboration, in order to ensure sustainable, thriving campuses and communities throughout New York State.

The SUNY Sustainability Coalition (SSC) is a subgroup of the New York Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education (NYCSHE) created in 2015 to:

  • To serve as the sustainability voice for the State University of New York
  • Increase sustainable thinking, literacy and practice throughout the SUNY curriculum, operations, research and engagement
  • Create greater statewide and national awareness of campus sustainability accomplishments through numerous tactics including an annual State of Sustainability report (STARS and other vehicles)
  • Leverage the immense expertise and human capital throughout SUNY campuses (professionals, students and faculty) (professional development)
  • Advocate for greater sustainability public policy at the state, federal and local levels

About Us 
The SSC serves as a state forum for sustainability initiatives, bringing together a broad spectrum of SUNY professionals to discuss issues critical to the acceleration, expansion and adoption of sustainable initiatives around curriculum, operations, research and engagement. The primary function of the group is to provide a voice for SUNY on sustainability issues, advocate for policies to further the sustainability goals of the system, increase awareness of accomplishments and advise system administration in the development of improved practices of sustainability.  The group supports and enhances the ability of its members to fulfill their responsibilities in order to achieve the sustainability goals of their respective institutions by providing a forum for members to address shared efficiencies, best practices, implementation strategies, and professional growth and training opportunities.

Membership of the association shall consist only of SUNY employees. Members shall consist of sustainability personnel, or those formally tasked or interested in sustainability programming at a SUNY institution including SUNY community colleges, SUNY University Centers, SUNY statutory colleges, The Research Foundation of SUNY, SUNY System Administration or SUNY campus-related foundations. Each SUNY institution can have more than one member in the association. However, each institution will only have one voting member. To become a member, email the SSC secretary at


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